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The Private Network For Training, Guidance, Collaboration & Support With Diversity & Inclusion In Your Workplace

When it comes to inclusive growth, it’s almost impossible to build practices and habits alone. By joining a community, you can work smarter and more efficiently by hearing the stories, experiences and ideas of people on the same path.

Designed to help your business flourish into a diverse and inclusive workplace, The Inclusive Business Growth Community is a global online network and your dedicated space for accessing D&I best practices, tools and strategies for your organisation.

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What Is Inclusive Growth?


Chances are you already understand what we mean by diversity and inclusion, but maybe you’re not as familiar with the concept of ‘inclusive growth’. In a nutshell, inclusive growth is about repositioning diversity and inclusion as a commercial imperative. Building an inclusive workplace isn’t just something companies should be seen to be doing - it can be used as a tool to help them thrive.

Inclusive growth puts an end to merely paying lip service to D&I and encourages organisations to change their approach to equality - fewer knee-jerk activities and box ticking exercises, more meaningful interventions and long-term change!

What Is the Inclusive Business Growth Community?

The Inclusive Business Growth Community is Toby Mildon’s creation, embedded in the user-friendly Mighty Networks’ platform and functioning as a comprehensive business network for organisations that want to develop more inspiration, knowledge and skills related to diversity and inclusion. 

With the Inclusive Business Growth Community, you get instant access to D&I support and strategies at your fingertips - all within a private, professional platform. It brings together Heads of HR to increase diversity and inclusion in a way that encourages innovation, increases employee engagement, boosts employee retention and helps attract talent by improving your employer brand.

Think of it like your own members club - specifically for implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives. The Inclusive Growth Community serves as a forum where your business can make great strides to break down barriers in the workplace. It’s a place to find content, attend courses and connect with your peers - as well as pick the brains of an experienced diversity and inclusion architect, Toby Mildon.

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Why Join The Inclusive Growth Community?

It’s never been more important to focus on diversity and inclusion. By expanding your D&I knowledge and skill set, you can wave a flag of equality for everyone to see and demonstrate your commitment to creating a more inclusive workplace.

This Community is built for peer group discussions, ongoing support from like-minded people and as a safe space to start conversations that shape the direction of your organisation. It achieves this through collaboration, articles, regular posts, webinars, online training courses and live Q&As with Toby and other members.

At Mildon, we help organisations set themselves apart from other organisations with a dedicated community space and tailored training, coaching and consultancy that deliver real, measurable results for the long-term (not just ticking the boxes off!)

This Inclusive Business Growth Community gives you the materials and interactive content necessary to facilitate a brighter future:

  • Easy-to-digest blog content and articles that share best practice

  • Concise, relevant posts from D&I expert, Toby Mildon (that’s me!) 

  • Exclusive diversity and inclusion resources like toolkits and templates

  • Access to webinars, online masterclasses, and face-to-face events

  • Online training that can be done in your own time

  • Business network areas with a supportive peer group

  • Interactive community polls to introduce and discuss ideas

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Why Should You Care About Diversity?

Truth is, diversity isn’t a buzzword. It has a real impact on business performance: 

Equality and diversity training resources are more than just a tick box exercise. Make your stance on D&I clear today by joining The Inclusive Business Growth Community and take the next step on your journey to a more diverse and inclusive culture.

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What is ‘Mighty Networks’? 

We use Mighty Networks to host the Inclusive Business Growth Community because it was built with business networking in mind. The platform creates specific spaces for organisations that want to share important information with their workplace community and discuss the issues that mean the most to them right now. 

Unlike LinkedIn, there are no ads on Mighty Networks. You only ever see content that’s relevant to your business and its mission to become a more inclusive employer. All the content in the Community is accessible on a single thread, keeping you informed about important developments and training opportunities. 

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How To Use Mighty Networks

At Mildon, we love Mighty Networks because it’s so easy to use! Unlike other platforms, Mighty Networks isn’t flooded with spam or irrelevant content. The home page shows you a thread of all the content Toby and other members have posted and gives you an opportunity to have your say in a safe space.

Upcoming events like webinars and training course launches are featured at the top of the page, while the chat function allows you to talk about equality initiatives in the workplace and receive feedback and support. 

With the Inclusive Business Growth Community, it’s never been easier for people in your organisation to share their thoughts on D&I and develop new ideas. 

Start Your Journey To Building a Workplace Where Everyone Feels Safe, Welcome, Empowered & Understood

The Inclusive Growth Community gives your business and its senior leadership team a safe place to explore diversity and inclusion, leverage inclusive growth techniques and start meaningful discussions…

...all to build a more welcoming culture that stands the test of time!

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